Cutting edge technology that works in harmony with your lifestyle

In today’s modern world, we all own technology designed to enhance our homes and entertain us. Our home automation service brings all these different elements together into one elegant system, fully controllable at the touch of a button. Using the touchscreen control panel, remote control or even your smartphone, adjust your surroundings to suit your mood. Our bespoke home automation systems are designed to complement your lifestyle and interior design tastes.

Clever systems tailored to suit your needs

Smart homes sound futuristic but many of our clients are realising the benefits of integrating cutting edge technology into their everyday lives. Working with well-known and highly-respected brands, we’re able to create bespoke systems tailored to suit your needs. To give you greater peace of mind, other systems can be incorporated to maximise security. For example, using a clever timer and some additional programming of your lighting system, we can make blinds open and close and lights turn on and off when you are not there.

Create your dream digital home

At Bespoke Sound & Vision, we seamlessly integrate cutting edge audio and visual equipment into your surroundings. Our bespoke and innovative systems let you experience superb sound and video at the touch of a button.  Immerse yourself in the latest blockbuster movie without leaving your sofa. With one wave of the remote control, dim the lights, lower the screen and enjoy films as they were meant to be seen. Using some of the most respected multi-room entertainment products around, we can provide you with a whole-house HD video distribution system.

Immerse yourself in the big screen experience at home

Enjoy the thrills of blockbuster movies as they were meant to be seen in the stylish surrounds of your own home. The sound and video quality of your home cinema system will astound you, in most cases it’s superior to your local cinema. We can set up your home cinema system so it bursts into life at the touch of a button. Past experience has taught us our clients don’t want to spend time fiddling with wires or flicking though manuals. Our automated approach ensures every element of your home cinema works in harmony.

Orchestrate a symphony of sound in every room

Tired of being tethered to one location when listening to music? Multi-room audio lets you take command of your entire music collection, wherever you are in your home. Access your iTunes library in the lounge, listen to Bach in the bedroom or relax in the bath as discreet speakers play peaceful melodies. Your audio enjoyment doesn’t have to be confined to the inside of your home either,  we install innovative outdoor sound solutions and speakers integrated into beautifully designed patio planters. Perfect for parties or simply relaxing in the garden.

Design your home down to the last cable

At Bespoke Sound & Vision, we understand our clients don’t have time to get tangled in wires. Poorly placed cabling can also be obtrusive, having a negative impact on your otherwise stylish home. One quick call to us and we’ll plan out where every wire needs to go, whether it’s for home entertainment or your home business. Alongside our audio, visual and home automation services, we can provide full design and installation of all types of aerial, satellite and other structured cabling services. Whether you’re a homeowner, property developer or builder, we can help.

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